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PNina did the branding for our company and redesigned the logos and other graphic materials we needed including the website. She is fun to work with, precise, pleasant, creative and quickly understands what needs to be done. All this with a smile and professionalism!

Gabi Broitman

Professional service in a good and positive atmosphere. PNina has great and contemporary aesthetics and an intelligent approach. An excellent combination of professionalism and pleasant personality.

Shirley Vered

PNina designed a commemorative wall for us and showed great talent. She dealt with our complex process with a lot of patience and talent. Her accurate advice, which was super relevant, connected the dots and made the execution of the work possible. In short - highly recommend!

Dganit Azulai

High-level aesthetics, a quick understanding of the customer's needs, reasonable prices and a pleasant personality - this is what I look for in the professionals with whom I choose to work. Kavnakee receives 5 stars in every way. Highly recommend!

Shiri Bendov

I highly recommend PNina, a creative and talented web designer. She designed the new website for my mother in a professional way using clean and precise lines. She was able to connect emotionally and conceptually to the content and convey it in a beautiful and accurate graphic way. Thank you very much PNina!

Michal Valenci

A very talented, professional and creative graphic designer.

Beyond her exceptional professional skills, she is reliable, always meets deadlines and communicates both with the authors and with the staff of the publishing house pleasantly and with commendable efficiency.

I strongly recommend contacting PNina regarding the design and execution of any graphic kind of work

Margalit Avisar

I highly recommend PNina - KavNakee - the whole process of working with her is pleasant, goal-oriented, attentive and super professional. I won a branding package for glory!

Dana Valero

PNina designed my stunning logo. The service was excellent and she was attentive to my needs, had a lot of patience for my craziness and the result is amazing. Thank you.

Einav Cohen

I recommend working with PNina.  She is extremely imaginative, very creative, reliable, and fun. Highly recommend.

David Krivoshei

A talented, professional and precise designer.


I highly recommend Kavnakee graphic design and promotion and Kavnakee Graphic Design business pages. A very professional, experienced and serious designer.

Branding, digital design, print design, logo design, professional photography, promotion on social networks - everything!!

Inbal Miron Levy

Thank you very much for the lovely branding you created.  A big thank you for your pleasant manner, your fast express service and professionalism.

Smadar Bachar

I highly recommend. Current branding that brings results. PNina knows how to combine her artistic talent with the client's needs and create effective and high-quality branding.

Dr. Ronit Palistrant Shaick

PNina designed my lovely website two years ago, and these days she designed the logo for my new store ‘Magic Flowers’ . Beyond talent, a very pleasant, patient and tolerant gem...

Highly recommend

Galia Pardo

Kavnakee works are the fulfillment of perfection.

Anyone who wants (as I do) professional and focused jobs that bring clients, go ahead and call… Big like!

The best branding and promoting graphic artist without a doubt! I have been enjoying her work for years. Thank you!

Ra’anan Shmueli

Thank you very much for everything: the availability, the professionalism, the friendship, the encouragement and for publishing my dreams in the most accurate, exciting and high-quality way possible

Ruth Bruchel

Very professionally promoted the marketing of our Facebook page, with care and precision for every topic and content that was required. She also attended to the graphic work and preparation for print of subtitled content and posters. All in a pleasant, professional manner and meeting deadlines.

Ronie Sofer Rosenbaum

Updated, original, agile and talented. I am also a designer, but when my hands are full I always refer the customers to the good hands of PNina!

Yael Kafir

For over fifteen years, PNina Wolinsky, from KavNakee Design Studio, has been my designer for a long series of books, magazines and various publications which I edited. Among them are the brochures of the magazine North of the Writers’ Association in Haifa, the series Ofakey Mechkar in Hebrew literature at Bar-Ilan University as well as the covers of the Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story edited by Prof. Yoav Elstein and me. PNina recently designed the cover of the book Shir Adom Shir Kachol about the poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg, and due to its special design it has become a collector's item. Her classic, yet bold and innovative design is recognized in the publications of Bar-Ilan University Press, both in the series I edit, such as the journal Bikorret and Parshanut and in other series such as Commentary and Culture, in which she has designed over thirty books.

Apart from her expertise in design, she professionally masters printing techniques and accompanies the production of the books she designs.

Her graphic works and the results of the book designs made our research products attractive and fascinating.

Thank you PNina for your wonderful accompaniment, for the talent and professional imagination you contributed to our work.

Prof. Avidov Lipsker

Beautiful line, beautiful thinking, great combination of visuals with content. A lot of aesthetics with a lot of emotion. Recommend!

Amotz Sorek

For more info call:  972-54-4288600

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